Loves of the month

Loves Of The Month: November

So it’s the last day of November and i cannot hide how much I’ve loved this month.

It’s gotten so so so SO much colder than October which is a bit of an issue for a silly glove-less person like me.. but no one can deny how much of a wake up that icy wind is when you fumble down the street towards your bus stop on a morning. It’s also been the month of my A-level mock exams. Now i know what you’re thinking – how can you have loved this month when it’s been full of stress and anxiety? Well my loves, i have. To be honest i kind of started to really enjoy the countless hours of revision i ended up doing which sounds completely bizarre but this time it just wasn’t a chore. It was hard and scary and stressful but no matter what results i get i’m still proud of how committed i was on those evenings when i got home and of how semi-organised I’ve been recently.

But anyway enough about college and more about my loves from what has been a  delightfully christmassy month – guys if you cannot feel the excitement then you need to go and have a Christmas movie marathon because my goodness next month is THE month!

Okay so the first thing on my list this month is:

this candle! It’s scent is Poppy Fields and it’s comprised of Neroli, Cyclamen and Citrus to make a truly beautiful scent. I adore tinned candles and i hope i’m not alone in this because i just think they’re so sturdy and reliable. I really cannot recommend this scent enough! Sadly i can’t show you the top of the candle because I’ve burnt it so much this month but it came with gorgeous sparkles and glitter on top – what more can you want out of a candle! Mine was a gift from a family member but you can get them from amazon if you want to try it out. 
Second on the list is:
this detoxifying facial scrub from Sukin. I highly recommend this product to anyone with combination or oily skin that (like me) gets a delightful outbreak of  spots more often than we’d like because this stuff really does help. I bought it because i did quite a lot of research into organic skincare and it’s benefits and so I’ve been using this product for a good few months now. I have loved it since the first scrub! It leaves your skin feeling completely refreshed, significantly smoother and your spots less red and puffy. I use it 2 or 3 times a week and have fallen in love with the whole ethos of the company. An added reason to love this product is that it’s carbon neutral so we don’t harm our amazing environment when we buy it. I got mine from Holland & Barrett but you can of course order it direct from Sukin’s own website.
Next up is:
this autumnal MAC lipstick. This shade is D for Danger and it is absolutely wonderful! I’m ginger and i think this shade compliments my hair colour really well. It has pretty good staying power, is well used, i’m just a big fan of MAC lipsticks! And they’re available in places like Harvey Nichols although mine was a gift from my very generous cousin.
Fourth on the list is:
the Clinique pep-start eye cream. It’s the first eye cream I’ve ever owned and i think this product is really cool. The packaging is a bit of a puzzle to be completely honest…(i totally didn’t have to watch a YouTube tutorial to figure out how to open it…) but i think it’s a good product for younger skin. Lot’s of eye creams on the market have ‘anti-ageing’ properties which at the age of 17 aren’t really a priority for me so this is a really good option and it wasn’t too pricey. Feels lovely and cooling on the skin and you only need the tiniest bit so it lasts for ages! I got mine from Harvey Nichols i think.. but you can also order them online.
That brings us to the fifth and final item on the list which is:
this tiny little glass octopus! I’m sorry, i had to include him.. he’s a little souvenir from the German market, bought for me by my boyfriend and he makes me smile every time i see him! I felt like this was a good item to include in the list because it shows that sometimes its the tiniest of things which can make you the most happy. 
This last thing i’m going to include isn’t an item but another blog which i have been really enjoying this month so go and have a read of her stuff if you fancy it! The blog for this month is:
Alice Catherine! She’s got some really lovely classy fashion going on and always seems to be in the most scenic of places so if you’re needing some inspiration she’s a good one to go for. Her blog can be found here:
As always, thank you for reading – Em x

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