How To feel SUPER Christmassy On A Budget

OMG guys we’re officially into December and there are exactly 24 days left until the food and the the festivities are unleashed! I intend this months posts to be thoroughly festive so i thought i’d begin by sharing how i’m tackling Christmas this year – just a girl with limited funds seeking that big festive feeling. So here are the little things I’ve done which make me feel like i’m taking part in Christmas even if i don’t have garlands draped over the fireplace.

The first step towards achieving festive bliss is to buy yourself an advent calendar. If this isn’t a tradition you take part in every year then it’s one you should start. No matter what your age, whether you’re 8 or 80 i guarantee you’ll get a little magic buzz every morning as you open the little cardboard doors. This is a super cheap way of buying into Christmas as you can buy a chocolate advent calendar from as little as £1! There’s really no excuse to not do this one.

The next thing you need is a christmassy scent and this year i went for the Sparkling Snow Yankee Candle. This is a super fresh scent that fills the room so you merely have to sniff the air to be absorbed by the Christmas aura. I went for the small jar candle which burns for approximately 25-40 hours and i bought mine on eBay for £8.65 from the seller: houseofharrisgifts. Searching on amazon is also a good way to find deals on these candles but i didn’t think that was too expensive and it would also make a really good secret santa gift for under £10!

Sticking with the candle theme (i’m a slight candle addict and will admit that now) some Christmas scented tealights can also help you get into the season. These are super cheap – i got mine from Primark for £1 and there’s 24 in a pack so they’ll keep you going for the whole Christmas countdown! Mine are the NO. 25 Winter Spice Frosted Cinnamon scented tea lights and each one burns for 3-5 hours. There is simply nothing better than laying in a candle lit room.

One of the cheapest little tricks on this list to a quick Christmas fix is to find or make yourself a Christmas screensaver for your phone. This is completely free and will remind you of what month it is every time you check your phone. Whether this is a stock image of holly from Google or a cute Christmas selfie with your favourite person, it’s guaranteed to provide you with festive cheer.

If i’m not fawning over candles them i’m sat in a cosy place sipping hot chocolate and i’m not ashamed to say that i practically live off the stuff in winter! The best thing is that there are so many different types of hot chocolate to try that you’re guaranteed to find a taste to fall in love with. One that i really want to try is the limited edition Spiced flavour hot chocolate from Whittards which is part of their Christmas collection this year.

Next up – what better way to get in the Christmas spirit than by writing all your Christmas cards! I felt so festive this year that i did all mine last month (lol). I think this yearly task is the best thing because it really makes you think about all the people in your life and writing little personalised messages in each card makes you excited to see them read it. Plus choosing the cards you’re going to send is half the fun, personally i like to go for a charity box because then at least i’m doing something for the people who might not have the best Christmas this year.

And finally there is nothing more festive then comfy Christmas music. Play it loud or low in the background – however you listen it’s guaranteed to make you smile. There’s so much choice for this aswell, you can go for the classic Christmas bangers we’ve all heard millions of times or – like me – you can opt for some winter acoustics to help you wind down this December. I use Spotify which has thousands of playlists for you to choose from and is only £5 a month for students.

Well that’s it for now from me, i hope this has helped some of you to realise that you can still feel festively indulgent without breaking the bank.

Thanks always – Em x

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