What It’s Really Like To Be A Sixth Form Student At Christmas

Now the following may not be the case for every student but it’s certainly the case for me. It’s the Christmas season and the clash of interest between college and the rest of world is frankly unbelievable. This season we’ve had mock exams and had to revise and learn the largest amount of content we’ve ever had to learn in our lives while the TV stations become more tantalising by the minute. Shows like X Factor and I’m A Celebrity can be pretty distracting and become a damn good excuse not to revise.

It’s so hard to try and be healthy when your day starts at 5:55, you don’t get home from college until at least 4:30 in the evening and you somehow have to eat, revise, do homework, check Instagram, talk to your parents, revise and exercise all before bed at 10:30. For a lot of us it just doesn’t happen. My priorities are all over the place. At times anything can become more important than revision and I can easily find myself spending half an hour trying to make the Christmas Tree look less wonky or attempting to take the ‘perfect’ candlelit selfie. Before I know it i’m knee deep in Quality Street wrappers, regretting every decision I’ve ever made and I finally decide to pick up my biro and actually get down to it when my phone starts ringing and I’ve just got to answer it. And then I end up with at least two pairs of jeans no longer fitting my the end of the season with no bank ability to replace them. I then discover I actually only like 3 outfits in my entire wardrobe and I’ve now morphed into a boring person with a drab dress sense and a depressive head space. (Let me know if you can relate).

The best bit about Christmas for me though is getting excited to see the people i care about appreciate the ‘expertly’ picked gifts I’ve bought them. It’s what i put a lot of energy into at this time of year and i can honestly say i prefer giving than receiving. I also love the fact that the winter months are the ones you’re most likely to see truly beautiful sunsets because of the early evenings.

Life isn’t easy as a suffering A-Level student but it’s also not the hardest life that’s ever been lived. Seeing what i can’t have makes me more excited for the future and forces me to make the most of and appreciate what i already have.

Thanks always, Em x

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