The Ultimate Hot Chocolate Taste Test

Guys this has to have been my favourite blog post yet! This year I’ve felt extremely festive and one of my earliest symptoms was that I uncontrollably began religiously drinking at least one cup of hot chocolate a day. You cannot beat sitting inside with your bed socks on, hot choc in hand, burning a Christmas candle as you watch the snow fall outside. And so because I’m a bit of an addict I decided to sample a selection and deliver my verdict on each. Hopefully this might help some of you choose the perfect hot chocolate this Christmas.

So first up is the pretty pink sachet; Clipper’s natural, fair and delicious fair trade hot chocolate. This brand is one for the economically conscious. They boast that all their products are fair and natural with not a single artificial ingredient in sight. They became the UK’s first fair trade tea company in 1994 with their ‘cuddle in a cup’ hitting the shelves in 2003. But how did it taste? I actually really really liked this product. It’s more on the bitter side and I’d describe it as a dark chocolate flavour but it wasn’t too intense. It made a mug packed with flavour and there are 104 calories per serving.

Next up is Horlicks which I think it’s fair to say is most people’s go-to hot choc (at least in Britain anyway). The company is British through and through and began right back in 1873 by making high calorie food supplements. The chocolate flavour of the malted milk drink wasn’t introduced till much later and they’re proud to have increased the levels of Vitamins C and E in their newest editions. Horlicks is definitely a comfort drink. For me taste wise, it’s not the best, can be a bit weak and watery and doesn’t always mix amazingly well but provides a much lighter flavour making it super easy for anybody to drink and each serving comes in at 122 calories.

The third mug I sampled was the Cadbury’s Highlights in Fudge flavour, closely followed by the same product but in Bournville flavour. Similarly to Clippers, these products are also fair trade. The Cadbury’s chocolate story dates back well into the early 1800’s but how well can they brew it up in liquid form? Personally, I find these small sachets aren’t the most flavoursome. While it’s great for the calorie conscious that their only 38 and 39 calories a mug, the drink lacks intensity and compared to some of the others on this list I found them quite watery and disappointing.

Fifth on the list is the Wispa Gold hot chocolate also by Cadbury’s which out of all the flavours i was most intrigued by. I wasn’t disappointed – this mug was an experience! If you like a frothy hot chocolate then this might be one for you to try, plus it smells downright incredible! I was frankly baffled by the fact this mug was 109 calories as i was expecting much more because of the caramel flavour this carries with it. I did find however, that the froth carried more flavour than the actual drink but it was suitably intense and paid homage to it’s biscuit associate!

Next we have the Maltesers hot chocolate. I was the most disappointed by this product. I found the drink had quite a malted flavour, similar to Horlicks, but it’s taste certainly didn’t remind me of the Malteser chocolate. It was quite watery and bland, a taste I would describe as your standard cheap and nasty hot choc. This product contains 99 calories per cup.

Finally we have Options’ Belgian choc mint hot chocolate. A brand which I was enlightened to discover was part of the Twinings family. I was impressed by it only containing 39 calories per cup of this fragrant drink. The mint was evident in the smell of this product but was underwhelming in taste. This hot chocolate I found was also slightly on the watery side.

So there you have it! My run down of some of the hot chocolates on the market and my personal top three would have to be:

1) Clipper

2) Wispa Gold


but let me know your thoughts and I hope you’re having a wonderful week before Christmas!

Thanks always, Em x

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