Two Days To Go: My Plans For Christmas Eve And The Big Day

It’s the 23rd of December (in case somehow that’s passed you by) and there’s only one chocolate left in my advent calendar which makes me really rather excited. While part of me wishes I was spending the next few days in bed socks surrounded by tinsel, the reality is really rather different. Today I’m travelling back to Leeds from my second home by the sea so I have a fairly lengthy train journey to look forward to.

My Christmas Eve will be spent travelling home from a night at the boyfriends where he and I intend to swap our presents for each other, but then once home the indulgence begins. My Christmas Sweater Lush bath bomb will definitely come into play! Ensuring my skin smells fabulously festive for the next day. I’m pairing this divine product with the equally festive, The Magic of Christmas bubble bar which I’ve already used a couple of times. It’s honestly like bathing in Christmas spices – I’m completely in love!

Next on the list will be to help myself to the ultimate Christmas supper, a warm puff pastry mince pie with a dash of single cream. *mouth begins to water at the thought* It cannot be beaten. That’ll probably get washed down by a big mug of hot chocolate whilst watching whatever Christmas film happens to be on the telly. I’ll then be swiftly off to bed to get cosy and comfy, ready to allow sleep to take it’s hold. I think one of my worst fears is not being able to sleep on Christmas Eve because then the night will go really slowly and you’ll be a bit tired and cranky on Christmas morning. It just wouldn’t set me up to enjoy what is traditionally one of the most enjoyable days of the year.

So then.. it’ll only be Christmas Day! And even though i’m 17 I can’t help but still get a buzz from feeling around in my stocking and having a good old unwrapping session on that magical morning. For us as a family that’s as far as Christmas traditions go. The rest of the day we spend the majority of it inside watching films, the Queens speech, cooking, eating.. then eating a bit more. The food and chocolate is endless and irresistible. The one thing we always always have though is Oxtail soup as a starter for Christmas Dinner? Maybe that’s just us? It’s blooming good soup though.

Anyway, before you know it the night draws in and the evening is normally spent in the warmth of the living room, curled up on the sofa watching the Christmas specials – this year it’s Victoria. Before long I’m drearily hauling myself up the stairs back to lovely bed after a day of exhaustion (mainly due to the ridiculous amount of food I’ve consumed), my head will hit the pillow and I’ll be out like a light.

Writing this only enlightens me to how much I cannot wait!

Thanks always and Merry Christmas, Em x

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