Loves of the month

Loves Of The Month: December

I cannot believe I’ve been writing on here for a month already and would like to start by thanking you if you’re reading for taking the time to support this little hobby of mine. Anyway, on with the post – December is coming to an end sadly. I’m really going to miss my little bit of tinsel draped across my keyboard and my Christmas tree lights twinkling on a morning. It’s been a month of absolute indulgence but here are the things I’ve been enjoying the most this month:

First on the list is my BB8 mug. No I’m not a massive fan of star wars but I did love this little guy in the movies and he makes a great water mug for next to my bed. He’s a little bit of an awkward shape to drink out of but I just think he’s really cool. He was also only 99p from hmv a couple of months back making it the most reasonably priced mug I ever did buy.

Next up we have the Comforter shower cream by Lush which admittedly I’ve only used three times this month as it was a Christmas present but holy moly this scent is unreal. It smells like a sweet blackberry trifle and makes your skin super soft and delicious smelling. It’s fair to say I’ve never loved a shower cream like this one!

Third on the list is this knitted jumper from H&M. Ever since I bought this I’ve been raving about the fact it was only £5 and it’s lovely and comfy, fits lovely, and keeps me warm. Plus because of the colour it kind of goes with anything so what’s not to love!

This month I’ve also loved this wax lyrical advent calendar which was bough for me as a gift and has stolen the show from my Cadbury’s calendars. This advent calendar includes a mega cute glass festive tea light holder and 24 wax lyrical tea lights which burn for flipping ages! I was also pretty amazed that just one of these tea lights provides enough scent for a whole room, I just cannot fault this as a gift.

The last thing I’ve been loving this December is this Umberto Gianni curl mousse. I’ve never really been big into using hair products but this has really made a difference. It makes your hair smell amazing and definitely helps keep your curls defined all day. I would normally apply it to slightly damp or wet hair and I also love the packaging. It doesn’t leave your hands feeling sticky and horrible either which is another blessing.

And finally, the blog I’ve been loving this month is Edition Emma Grace:

She has an amazingly honest and witty style of writing which I love and she covers some really interesting lifestyle topics so makes a really great read. For a quick glance at her site click here.

Thanks always, Em x

Product Links

BB8 Mug

The Comforter Shower Cream

Wax Lyrical Advent Calendar

Umberto Giannini mousse

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