NYX Double Stacked Mascara Product Review

I truly am wading through uncharted territory this week with my first fashion and beauty posts so please do let me know what you think! So I was bought this product as a Christmas present and have decided to review it because I found the concept behind this mascara to be completely unique and awesome so I wanted to write about it.

I should probably start off by saying that I really do love this product. Switching from the higher end Haute & Naughty Too Black Lash Mascara by Mac (which I would also recommend) to my NYX pairing has been effortless. I would even go as far as to say I prefer the results of the NYX Double Stacked Mascara as my lashes don’t feel as heavy when wearing it.

There’s three stages to using this mascara: you first apply a base coat, then apply the nylon lash fibres before sealing the deal with a top coat of mascara. I really like this system and think it would be a perfect alternative for anyone that finds themselves applying a lot of coats to their lashes on a morning.

My lashes definitely look super long and full with this product and you can see the comparison above with my normal lashes on the right. Also because I wear glasses I’ve really noticed a difference when wearing this product compared to my Mac mascara in that barely any product gets swiped onto the inside of my lenses when I blink which was definitely an issue with my old mascara.

NYX, I cannot praise this mascara enough. I love the colour, the fibres 100% stick and stay stuck to the mascara base while also washing off really easy when I wash my face. Although I have to admit that I was a tad freaked out the first time I washed it off as I thought all my eyelashes were falling out (lol)!

So there you have it, my first proper full on beauty review so I hope you found this helpful!

Thanks always, Em x

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