The Stress Struggle. (Plus A Few Tips To Help You Cope).

It’s fair to say I feel really blooming lucky that I’ve nice and smoothly sunk myself into the new year. I’m back at college after Christmas which was a bit of a culture shock after two beautiful weeks. However, I’m fine. All is good. Not everyone’s going to agree with me here but I actually feel so blessed that I had some History tests the first week back because it really pulled my head out of the wrapping paper it was still swirling in from the festive season and got me used to the usual hours at my desk revising. That’s not to say I’m not stressed or that I don’t get stressed because I do – we all do.

 To be completely honest with you I really don’t help myself in this domain. I’m the type of person that will have a full diary every week and still think they could be doing more. I give myself hobbies and projects to fill up my time even more than it already is (ngl – this blog is one of them) but I just don’t suit relaxation. And I love how I go about life. I love being crazy and travelling backwards and forwards all the time. I love not being at home that much because then when I am at home during the week and I’m nestled at my desk it makes it kinda of special and school work becomes kind of relaxing.. or maybe I’m just mental – probably more likely.
Anyway, I thought I’d try and put a few tips together for any of you out there who are really struggling finding the balance in life. Now I can’t guarantee they’ll work but if you’re desperate or you’re looking to get into some new de-stressing habits then maybe you could give a couple of these a try.
So, let’s commence with Tip No.1, now this is a bit of a strange one to start with but here goes. Clear a space or find a space in your room on the floor that’s big enough for you to lie down in. I mean on your back, legs flat, arms at your side kind of lie down and I realise that for some of you this might require some serious effort to even make and maintain this space but I promise it’ll do you good. Now once you’ve made this little sanctuary whenever you’re mind is wired and jumping from one thing to another or when you’ve got chronic neck ache from being hunched over your desk for an hour get your body on the floor, set a 5 or 10 minute timer on your phone and make yourself lie there. You can wack on some easy listening if you’re feeling it or just lay there and listen to yourself breathe. And this magical thing can be indulged in as often or infrequently as you see fit. It’s whatever works for you. I just find this helps me clear my mind a little and I love laying on the floor so much I use it as a reward for revising. I know it’s a little weird but just try it a couple of times and see.
Tip No.2 is exercise. I can feel some of you reading this and squirming at the thought of such effort but I cannot enforce enough how much good doing something physical does for you. It gets rid of any anger, releases sweet sweet magical endorphin’s and you feel like you’ve achieved something after doing it. And the thing is, exercise can be done in so many different ways that I guarantee you, you can do something that suits your ability and interests. It doesn’t even need to be for long, 3 minutes in between mindmaps as you revise can feel freaking amazing. So go and search for something active you enjoy, get into yoga, pilates, dancing, kickboxing, even stretches for flexibility or do something as small as 20 sit ups just to break up your time and make you feel awesome.
And my last tip (‘cos I’ve gotten a little carried away hehe), Tip No.3 is to get into reading. If you can’t relax in this physical world then maybe you can relax in a fictional one. I’m really bad at indulging in reading, mainly because I never devote time to it and I can’t read on the bus or in a car to fill time because I get motion sickness like you’ve never seen. And reading before bed just doesn’t happen I’m afraid so please if anyone can help me fulfill my own advice, let me know what I’m doing wrong in the comments.
And that’s all for today, I hope you’ve found this a relatively entertaining read and that it’s helped someone out there.
Thanks Always, Em x

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