Loves of the month

Loves of the Month: January

It’s the last day of the month and there is definitely a strong feeling that it’s been a long, wet, horrible month that everyone’s glad to see the back of. But, that still doesn’t stop me from sharing the things that have helped the first month of 2018 run a little easier.


So first up is the Yankee Candle scent Pink Sands which I have been burning progressively throughout January and I absolutely love that scent!! It’s certainly one of my faves and it almost wouldn’t be a Loves of the month post without at least one candle mention. Sadly this is all that’s left because I’ve completely burnt it down but it was glorious while it lasted.

Next up is peppermint tea. I just use cheap teabags from ASDA but who cares right? I drink at least half a cup of this every morning because it helps quell my starved stomach that hasn’t eaten overnight and I just find it super easy sipping. Plus it’s heart warming for these cold winter days so it helps me to not feel the cold so much and gets me going ready for the day. If anyone can recommend a tea that’s peppermint mixed with something else that I’m going to love please let me know!


Third on my list is this eye shadow palette from Revolution. It’s the Redemption palette iconic 3 and has 12 beautiful shades. Not only do I love and have used every single shade in this palette but it’s also so compact it’s great if you’re wanting to save space or if you’re away from home for the weekend. These are great pink and peach natural shades suited for every day. They have great pigment and there’s a good mix of shimmery and matte shades and it’s only £4.00.


The fourth product I could not have lived without this month is bed socks. They’re those wonderful little things that you don’t realise you can’t live without until you have them and you use them and you love them and suddenly you’re taking a pair literally everywhere with you. My feet are very very rarely warm, well we’ll say they’re never at a happy medium. I deal with the spectrum of clammy toe sweat to icy blue toes on a daily basis and trust me there is no in between! So I find my little unfortunate self reaching for a good pair of bed socks all too often.


And finally I have been loving this liquid lipstick by Barry M. It’s the Matte Me Up matte liquid lip paint in the shade ‘On The Scene’. I think this is a really cool sultry shade that’s a bit different to any other shades I own. I also find this super easy to apply compared to some liquid lipsticks that I really struggle to use. Might have to indulge in the Matte Me up Range a bit more me thinks seen as they’re only £4.99.


Last little note from me is the blog which I have been loving most this month: hullymood. She takes the dreamiest photos ever for her Instagram page so I would highly recommend you give her a follow if you’re feeling the pastel pink and white plus fairy lights theme.

Here’s to a better, brighter and warmer February.

Thanks always, Em x

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