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My TRUE: 30 Day Yoga Journey Experience

Hi guys, so this post is ridiculously late but I had a super busy weekend and didn’t get a minute to grab a laptop and get writing so here it is finally on a Monday!

This post is all about TRUE – a free 30 day yoga programme run by Adriene Misheler on YouTube. I’d done a few of her workouts and yoga flows in the past so when I saw the sign up for this programme I jumped on it as an athletic way to kick off the year. I’d say I’m the sporty type but haven’t had much chance to really get into regular training or practice with any fitness since starting college really. TRUE helped me find a fitness routine and helped me build strength, feel a lot more comfortable in plank and release some serious endorphins!

Now I don’t think Adriene’s for everyone but I find her to be quite a quirky character and I like the way she takes you through the flows. She always says, “be kind” when stretching or when holding a pose which encouraged me to think more positively about where my body is at fitness-wise and how I look. I tend to do the practices in the evenings because they tend to relax me quite a lot and I’m definitely more of an evening than a morning person but it’s whatever works for you.

My favourite routine was Day 11- Soften which was just so relaxing and stretchy I absolutely loved it. It forced me to really connect with my breathing and enjoy the sensations. It also showed me the variety of yoga practices and flows. Sometimes you want to work hard and get super sweaty and other times you’re having a Day 11 and you wanna practice in your pyjamas and use cushions and blankets to help you ease into tranquility and tune in with how you’re feeling that day.

Another great feature of the programme were the daily emails that she sent out to accompany each practice. They kind of gave you a taste of what to expect and set the mood for the flow which I liked. They were always motivational and honest and powerful to read which was refreshing and kept me in a more positive mindset.

All in all I would love to do another programme with Adriene and had a fulfilling experience doing TRUE. I’d happily recommend it to anyone looking for something quite soft and subtle to get into fitness and flexibility. For a lot of the moves she gives you options so you only push yourself as far as you want to and it keeps the flows really accessible for all abilities. I also found it helped me de-stress a bit before bed which was an awesome bonus. I’m going to try and keep up by aiming to practice every day and definitely saw results in that my plank pose and down dog felt more and more comfortable as the days went by. I also felt more flexible in my hamstrings which is a place I personally struggle to stretch and find can be quite painful. It’s also worth noting that each practice ranges from around 15-30 minutes long but everyday is slightly different and 30 minutes flies by when you’re in the zone.

TRUE taught me not to rush through moves but to take my time and push myself because I have better balance on one leg than I ever thought I did!

Thanks always, Em x


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