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Motivational Techniques Good Enough To Make You Jump Out Of Bed

Motivation. Sometimes you’ve got it and you’ve got bags of it – Santa sacks full of it – so much you don’t have enough hours in the week to use it all up and you find yourself doing a billion things and being completely on the go for 7 consecutive days.

Other weeks your tank is empty and you’re carrying around huge weights which hold you back and weigh you down. You’re full of tiredness and aching and all your eyes seem to want to do is close.

Those are the weeks we all want to try and avoid so I’ve been searching the realms of my brain to come up with some top motivational tips for you all to help you have more weeks like the first ones and less like the second.

Tip No. 1: Make your bed every day.

I know it sounds a bit weird but there are so many videos on YouTube that I’ve watched in the past about motivation that have all said this is a great thing to do. It sets you up for the day and gives you purpose in the morning. You’ve already completed and achieved something before you’ve left your bedroom meaning you’re more likely to achieve greater things during the day.

Tip No. 2: Time yourself working.

I find this one motivational and really helpful because you know exactly how many hours you’ve done each day so you can keep yourself on track but setting a timer really does makes you work! I find it really hard to lie to myself about how much I’ve done so it’s not like I’m going to set a timer for an hour of work then sit and watch YouTube because who are you kidding? A great app for this is MyStudyPlan on the app store which lets you plan a timetable of revision or study hours and has a cute timer so you can make sure you’re getting all your hours in.

Tip No. 3: Choose cool and funky stationery or revision material.

If you’ve chosen some cool coloured pens that you’re excited about using, you’re more likely to pick them up and get going than if you’re using two year old chewed black ballpoints. I’d recommend the Stabilo Boss Pastel coloured highlighters *praisies stationery gods*

Tip No. 4: Remind yourself why you’re doing whatever it is you’re doing.

From school work to saving money write a little post-it note of why you want to do it. On your planner you might write what Uni you want to go to and on your money box you might write about that dream holiday you’re saving for. Another way to do this is to collect all your ambitions in one place and for this you can use the app Accomplish which lets you set goals for yourself and you can pick the date you want to achieve them. Each week it’ll remind you to reassess your goals which is great because it keeps them fresh in your memory.

Tip No. 5: Tell someone about your goals.

This is amazing because if they’re checking up on you you’re more likely to get stuff done to prove to them you’re doing what you said you would. Plus it feels amazing to complete your goals and have someone there at the end to be proud of what you’ve achieved. Publicising your goals on social media can also help in the same way.

So that’s that! 5 tips to help you try and stay motivated in 2018 – Good Luck!

Thanks always, Em x

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