Loves of the month

Loves Of The Month: February

That’s right it’s time for another one of these wonderful things. Another post where I get to share the things I’ve discovered this month with you lot.

February has been a tough little month. I’ve been mega busy, and don’t get me wrong it’s been super exciting at times and I have had such a blast but it’s also meant countless hours of studying and trying to fit everything and everyone in. It’s also been a month of feeling super unmotivated at times to do anything blog related. I haven’t stuck to my usual two posts a week rota and to be honest it’s probably going to be one post a week from now on with exams getting closer by the second.

Anyhow, on with the run down:


Okay so first up is this Turmeric revitalising face scrub from Skin Goo. The first thing that struck me about this product was the smell because you unscrew the pot and you’re hit with this interesting aroma which reminds me of the baking cupboard. This stuff leaves your skin significantly softer and is good to use as a bit of a pre-cleanse or as a skin conditioner once you’ve removed your makeup. It’s also cruelty free, paraben free, sulfate free and vegan so ticks a lot of boxes if you want to buy it as a present for someone.


Second on the list is this Liz Earle lip gloss. For me January was a lipstick month but Feb has been a month of gloss. I’m a front row fan of the glossy stuff because it’s just so easy. You lather it on in the morning so you’re left with an acceptable amount remaining once you’ve eaten your Cheerios and then you’re set until lunch. Reapplication is a choice only you can make but there’s no need to worry about it sliding around your face or accidentally smearing it down your chin. Lip gloss deserves some of the limelight that lip stick steals in my opinion and this super shimmery one is long lasting and perfect for casual days and nights out. Mine is shade 12 called waterlily.


The third thing I’ve found pretty irresistible this month is this nail polish by Nails Inc in the shade moon river. I’ve been wearing this shade all flipping month not wanting a change because it just reminds me of spring and elegance and Audrey Hepburn. It’s also a colour that’s so subtle it literally goes with everything so if you’re not seeking statement nails but something a little more understated this could be the perfect shade for you.


Next up is the Brow This Way brow styling gel in the shade 002 medium brown by Rimmel. This has been a bit of a game changer in terms of brows for me. Now eyebrows kind of scare me, I don’t have huge brows and i’m not the best at makeup so when it comes to them I want something quick, easy and subtle. Those three words sum up this product. Think of it as a mascara for the brows. It just fills them out a bit and provides some definition and keeps them neat all day which I love.


Fifth and finally on this love list is another lip product: the Born Lippy lip balm by The Body Shop in the flavour Raspberry. This little pot of pure joy smells really freaking good and I’ve just found myself reaching for it on an evening after a long day in the cold which dries your lips out. It’s quite tacky which I’ve gotten used to and it means it stays on your lips for absolutely ages providing you with some top notch hydration.


And my favourite blogger this month has to be Jessica Hamilton (although her blog’s actually called Cocoa Chelsea). I love her Instagram stories, I think she has the loveliest voice to listen to, she’s so so beautiful and has great fashion sense and knowledge. Plus her Instagram is just a dream.

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