My Asos Picks This Season

Hi guys, so this week I thought I’d impart my taste in fashion to whoever wants to listen by bringing you my favourite things on Asos this season. I’m so guilty of trawling through Asos and putting many many things in my basket. It then takes a boat load of self restraint to not go and buy it all but that’s half the fun right? Let me know if you’d like to see more of these posts in the comments because if you do I could do one each season? – Lemme know.

Anyway let’s get right into it. So just to clarify these are all items that can be found in the New Season SS18 section on Asos and first up is this beautiful super summery top: ASOS Top with Knot Front Ruffle in Ditsy Floral Print.


I love this because it’s flowy and elegant whilst also being fun, it shows a bit of skin and can be dressed down with a pair of jeans for a completely casual summer day look. It would also look so cute dressed up with some high waisted tailored trousers or a pencil skirt. The print is cutesy and simple and can be bought for £16.00, what’s not to love?

Next up brings some serious smart casual vibes to this line up and it is this chic Stradivarius Polka Dot Shirt.


I think this would be perfect for an interview or to wear in the office but can also be worn super casually with a denim skirt or to put over a small little tight tank top or crop top worn open. It’s a damn good spring summer accessory and polka dots are where it’s at right now, plus it’s an affordable £17.99.

This next item has my heart a little bit. I absolutely love this ASOS Mini Wrap Skirt in Polka Dot Print.


I think the way they’ve styled it with a black turtleneck and boots is great because it lets this bold statement piece do the talking. You could add some statement earrings in a similar shade of blue or black to add extra texture to the look as well and I can’t help but think that £18.00 is a pretty great price for it too.

Sticking with the dots because I am feeling the dots, mini dresses and bold boots might turn into this summers perfect pairing. This is the Honey Punch Cami Mini Dress in Spot Print and nothing has ever screamed summer like it.


It’s simple with a flattering neckline which gives you the perfect opportunity to show off those shoulders. Tan the arms and legs simultaneously (I promise you the sun will come) with this number and just cross your fingers you don’t turn the same colour as the dress… Currently priced at £26.00.

Next up is this PrettyLittleThing Floral Side Split Playsuit which I gazed upon and instantly adored.


It is the cutest thing. Now I always think playsuits can look a bit weird or can go a bit wrong so this is definitely one to order in a couple of sizes but if this looked right on you it could just turn into your favourite spring summer piece. It’s also pretty pricey (in my opinion) at £28.00.

And so to finish I had to include these crazy amazing jeans, they’re the ASOS Original Mom Jeans in Leopard Print and I think they’re cool.


Again I’m finding myself drawn to the statement bottom half pieces paired with understated tops, it’s a bit daring but styled right could look flawless and they’re £35.00.

I’ve included the links to all the products within the post so feel free to take a look for yourselves. Let me know what you think of my choices and if you feel the same way/differently in the comments because I’d be super interested to know what you think.

Thanks always, Em x




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