The Softest Coolest T-shirt Of Dreams

I’ve been gone for a way too long and I am so ready to get back on the blogging bandwagon so I’m back with a bang with this lovely little piece I picked up recently which I feel is very cool and very me.

lets get it on 1

This little beauty is from Topshop, it was £25 which I’m well aware is a bit blooming pricey for a tee but if you can fork it out or you’re feeling like bagging yourself something a bit special I would highly recommend. It is beautiful. I am in love with the font I love the all time classic song it represents and the actual “Let’s get it on” text is made of a felt material which I didn’t realise when I bought it but I freaking love it as a design concept. It brings an extra bit of groove to a truly groovy tee.

lets get it on 2

I would wear this with jeans, trousers, a denim skirt and plain white trainers. Anything really, it brings a pop of colour and groove to any outfit and I genuinely do not have one bad thing to say about it (except that I wish it was a bit cheaper). It washes really well which I was so relieved about because I was terrified the red dye was going to turn the main body of the t-shirt pink. Slogans are coming in in a big way and this season is all about bold patterns, bright colours and ugly thick soled shoes (are you a fan of this fad? Let me know in the comments). I really like the simplicity of this, I’ve bought a few plain white tees with little phrases on them now because they are so versatile and will stay on trend the whole way through spring and summer.

lets get it on 3

Thanks Always,

Em x

What I’m wearing:

Top: Click here

Belt: Click here

My skirt is a BDG faux leather skirt which is no longer available online (sorry!)

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