Loves of the month

Loves of the month: March

You’re probably sick of these posts by now (lemme know if you find them awfully unoriginal or if they’re your guilty pleasure in the comments please!) butttttt I love doing them, they’re partially the reason why I started this blog because I love trying out new products and reviewing them a little bit for you.


So we’re starting off with a new addition to my makeup routine which is the Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser Primer 22ml. Now obviously Maybelline had huge success with their Baby Lips ( Maybelline Baby Lips Vitamins Lip Balm Peach Punch) and I’m not too sure they’re going to find the same success with this product. It’s not that I haven’t enjoyed using this product, in all honesty its the first primer I’ve ever owned and used and I’ve found that it does make my make up last that bit longer before becoming patchy and a little bit cakey as I’m sure pretty much everyone’s does after a full day. I like that it feels really light on your skin when first applied. It’s a clear colour which I also find appealing because I don’t want coverage from a primer and it doesn’t stick to your hands once you’ve applied it so you can just get on with your makeup which is great. Once this runs out I’ll try another new primer (any recommendations?) and maybe do a little comparison for you guys? (lemme know).  Overall it does reduce the size of my pores a little and I’ve enjoyed using it.


Next up we’re heading up market with Benefit Cosmetics-watt’s up!, we’ve all seen amazing makeup tutorials including this highlighter and I’ve never ever used a highlighter before but kind of thought this was a good place to start. The lovely @txylortxylormakeup has raved about it to me in the past so I thought I’d give it a go. Now obviously it’s pretty pricey but I feel like this will last forever and I’m enjoying playing around with it and trying it out. One thing I can commend it for is for being so flipping easy to use and for smelling pretty damn great.


Coming back to basics now with the completely amazing Burt’s Bees Lip Balm, Strawberry, I am obsessed with this product! I used to use the Burt’s Bees 100% Natural Lip Balm, 4.25 g – Beeswax but I was bought the strawberry flavour for my birthday and I’m not even exaggerating when I say that it has kind of changed my life. I could not rate it enough, I use it at every given opportunity and would happily trade wearing lipstick all day for wearing this beautiful lip balm because I just love it. It smells unreal and is perfect to put on before bed so guys if you haven’t tried these lip balms you need to!


Moving on to another product which I am definitely even more of a fan of than I thought I would be, my Chilly’s Bottle. I didn’t realise how much I loved cold water until I had this bottle. I take it literally everywhere with me, I never have to buy bottled water anymore because I always have this which I think is an amazing thing both for the environment and for my health. I was super impressed with the packaging and am in love with the colour. They’re pricey for a bottle but if you’re going to use it and if you’re out of the house a lot then I would say it’s definitely worth it. Or even if you’re at home and you buy packs of bottled water every week I think getting one these could help break unhealthy habits like that. One for each member of the household all in different patterns and colours might be a great idea for you. (I’ve linked you to amazon but they have a wider range of designs on their website here: Chilly’s).


And finally, I couldn’t not include this candle because I adore this scent. If you have not tried the Pink Sands scent then please click this link: Pink Sands Yankee Candle Large Jar and indulge yourself (even if you only get a tealight version!) because it is so heavenly. I’m also not the hugest fan of the colour pink but I think the colour of this candle is beautiful and subtle enough to fit in with any room. These large jars last absolutely ages as well and I feel so privileged to have received this for my birthday. I got a LOT of candles for my birthday because my amazing friends know me so well so I might do a little candle haul post? Would that interest anyone?

The blog I have been loving this month is Carolanne Davies (this link will take you to her Instagram account). But even more than her blog I have been obsessed with watching her YouTube videos (link) which are mainly makeup related. My favourite was definitely her trying out Primark makeup. I’m a big fan so please show her some love.

That’s all from me folks,

Thanks always, Em x

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6 thoughts on “Loves of the month: March

  1. Not even a guilty pleasure – just straight up love these posts! These products are all amazing, it’s great to see what you’ve been loving lately!
    Also loving my cheeky little insta link there, thanks boo 😉

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  2. That chillys water bottle looks amazing – I bring a plastic bottle with me to school every day and drink all of it because I love having crisp and fresh water which has been in the fridge. By the sounds of it, this bottle will give me that too and the colours are lush! I’m gonna have to give one of those a go I think. Amazing post x

    Liked by 1 person

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