Spring Looks Series: Look Two

Hello again, If you’re new here then hi, welcome, I hope this post gives you a little bit of inspiration to help you look good while you tackle this tricky spring weather. If you’re a returning reader then welcome back, I know I’ve been pretty much completely absent from my corner of the web this month (A-levels.. what can I say) but I’m here finally with the next instalment of my Spring Looks Series.

If you missed my first post of the series then you can click here to go and give that a little read too. If you’re all caught up then keep reading and enjoy!

bike room 1

Right then, so this look bridges the gap between Spring and Summer, it’s not quite what you’d wear during a heatwave but you also might not want to crack it out on a breezy day either. I’ve styled these red culottes which I got from asos but they’re actually from boohoo and I’ve had them for ages, they’re very last season but culottes came in like a storm and have kind of stayed. I chose these because they’re a statement piece in an outfit. They’re so ridiculously comfy because they’re springy and stretchy and have an elasticated waist. They’re definitely figure hugging and give you nowhere to hide but if you’re up for that then I’d definitely recommend finding something similar.

bike room 2

I’ve paired them with a little black tank style top. The one I’m wearing is actually second hand so I can’t link you this either (sorry), but it’s really flattering with an elasticated, low cut tied up front. I didn’t feel uncomfortable wearing it at all I felt like I was plenty covered up but if you’re looking for something a little bit scandalous for summer then something like this might be just what you’re after. The only down side for me was that I needed a second pair of hands to get into it as it zips quite tightly up the back.

bike room 3

My shoes are the same beautiful £20 platform trainers that I mentioned in my last post so if you want a bit of detail on them go and give that a read here. But if you’re sold and you take my word for them being a staple summer shoe then you can click here.

So that is Look number Two all done and dusted. Leave a comment letting me know if you prefer this or Look One and if you think this little bike we stumbled upon is hella cute because I do!

Come back real soon for Look Three and I’ll also have my April loves of the month going up soon too.

Thanks always, Em x

Photography by @txylortxylorphotos

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