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Loves Of The Month: April

Hi guys, so this month has been a reserved one and a crazily busy one but somehow despite all of that I’ve still managed to try out some things and develop new favourites even though for the past 30 days my life has consisted of 24 hour cycles of sleep, revision and bubble baths. So here’s my run down of a variety of things I’ve thoroughly loved this month.


First up is this Abyssinian Oil Facial moisture cream from the Beauty Kitchen. I have been using this religiously every single day, day and night. It smells like honey which I freaking love and even though it’s quite a thick nourishing moisturiser I find it seeps into my skin very quickly so you don’t feel like you have a super slimy face. This stuff makes me feel like a goddess. I’d never heard of the brand before but this product hasn’t put me off trying some more of their products because I think it is genuinely so luxurious and smells amazing. I also love the fact it’s made up of 100% natural ingredients.

Next up is The Great British Bake Off because it’s on Netflix now and it’s so lovely and easy to binge watch for hours at a time. My boyfriend and I are clinically obsessed – we’ve just started the fourth series I think..? It’s so therapeutic and it makes you want to eat cake – what more do you want? I knew I’d reached a new height of love for this programme when they made fondant fancies and that justified me eating an entire box of the delights while I watched the poor bakers bake them.

hepworth 2

My gorgeous little belt from asos has got to make it into my loves list because I’ve just been wearing it with everything and been loving wearing it. It is so flipping cool and unique and a little bit out there, I just love the fact it brings a bit of metallic flare and sparkle to any outfit. It was worth every penny and I don’t know how I managed with my Dad’s big old one for so long.


I’ve got to get a candle in here and the one I have lit almost every day this month is one I got for my birthday from one of my lovely friends and it’s this Pecksniffs de-stress candle. I light it every time I sit down to do schoolwork and it just seems to calm me down and keep me going. I’m dreading it running out and am almost considering getting another stress related candle to replace it because I’ve genuinely found it so so helpful. It has a really subtle earthy scent so you can easily leave this one on for hours without getting overwhelmed.

IMG_0114[1]                             IMG_0115[1]

And finally I have to include my Revolution Ultra Eyeshadows Flawless Matte 2 palette which I used so much, particularly at the beginning of the month. They blend really well together with minimal fallout and the majority of shades have great pigmentation. It’s my second Revolution palette and I’m pretty sure my collection won’t stop there!

Thanks always, Em x

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