My Exam Survival Guide

It’s fair to say I was pretty shocked when I wearily signed into WordPress a moment ago to discover that even though I’ve been completely absent for nearly two whole months now, a good number of people had still visited my site and read my stuff. It made me feel great so whoever you are thank you.

Now onto the topic of exams. Sitting my seven A level exams was definitely an experience. While I can’t sit and write that the three weeks they were spread over felt like the fiery flames of hell, they were pretty uncomfortable, unpleasant and down and out exhausting. And now they’re over my little mind doesn’t quite know what to do with itself, it oddly misses the long days spent in bed watching the sun set as it reads over note after note about factional rivalries among Elizabethan government or how HIV inserts and uncoats it’s capsid or even Desdemona’s bizarrely moist hand. Even now, having had my end of exams celebratory night out and having recovered from the delightful hangover it gave me and having consumed an unholy amount of junk food these past four days, I haven’t quite yet felt that immense sigh of relief I thought I might do. Is this just me?

But anyways, since I’ve just been through it all I thought I’d compile a list of the top ten things any Upper Sixth NEEDS to survive exam season starting with my old friend, old buddy, old pal, my wilko’s pick & mix. It’s the ultimate post revision treat in bed after a long hot day while you watch Love Island. It’s your plus one to that full day revision workshop you’ve got pencilled in. Personally I would have found exams a lot harder without it but I guess any calorific sweet stuff will do.

At number two we’ve got a comfy ad aesthetically pleasing pillow for those 24 hour revision marathons and so you don’t have to move to fall asleep.

Number three is my sidekick to life, the old hayfever tablets to stop you sticking your revision notes together with natural glue from your nose. These keep the old watery eyes at bay so you can actually see what you’re writing and prevent you sneezing your way through an exam.

At four we’ve got a blooming good exfoliator because exams cause stress and stress causes breakouts and the last thing you want on top of your list of reasons why life ain’t so great is that you’re foreheads turned into a mountain range of pimples so hunny invest in a decent exfoliator for radiant exam skin. At the moment i’m trying out the Proactiv+ 3 step system which includes the exfoliator featured in the little collage below and a full review of the it will be up on the blog shortly!

My number five is copious amounts of highlighters in every conceivable colour because you will get bored of just four colours and you will want to do extravagant mind maps and timelines requiring a whole colour wheel of colours so treat yourself and make that pretty revision you’ve always dreamed of making. (Or don’t!)

At six is a good SPF lip balm. Hydrate your lips and protect them from the summer sun while you fall asleep in the window on the bus ride home to prevent the horrors of sunburnt lips. Just trust me on this one, don’t burn your lips.

My number seven is a good sturdy ruler with millimetre gradients that you will put in your bag and remember for your exam to avoid unnecessary stress. (Can you tell I forgot mine?)

Number Eight goes hand in hand with number seven in that it is a scientific calculator. Obviously these last two won’t apply to everyone but I forgot my calculator for all three of my Biology exams and have never experienced fright like the moment I asked for a calculator and was handed a non – scientific one then had to wait tensely for ten minutes while an invigilator finally found one. Just don’t do it.

At number Nine is Vitamins because in my opinion taking my Vitamin B and C on a morning helps me feel more awake and more energised for longer throughout the day because sometimes I would come home and just flop into bed from fatigue so would definitely recommend these.

Then finally my number Ten is a good water bottle because you need gallons of the stuff during exam season. It helps keep you awake, as well as speeds up the functioning of your brain plus it’ll help your skin out a bit more as well during these trying times so grab yourself one. Mine is a chilly’s bottle which I’ve spoken about before in other posts because it keeps my water super cold and refreshing so I love it but if you want to take your water into exams then you’re going to need a clear one but it’s up to you!


Anyway folks, that’s all from me today. Congratulations to everyone who just finished their exams whether they be A Level or GCSE and I’ll see you back here shortly for another post!

Thanks always,

Emily x

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  1. txylortxylor says:

    Love this doll! Could not agree more with most of these tips – same stuff that got me through!

    Liked by 1 person

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