The Truth Behind The Bag

Hi guys! It’s a bit of a different one today but this is something I seem to find myself talking about quite often so I thought I’d write a post about it. I’m basically going to be giving a very honest review of my Doc Marten Kiev leather backpack which I’ve owned for just over two years now and have been using it from the end of year 11 in high school and for my two years at sixth form college pretty much every single day.

This bag was my first big purchase. I saved up to get it and they’re retailing at at £160 brand new at the moment and while I can’t actually remember how much I paid for mine I think it’s important to let you know what kind of price we’re dealing with. I bought it with the intent of using it for a long time and taking it to university with me which I’m starting in September. I also bought the large size because I thought it would be better for carrying A4 size notepads and ring binders.

So here’s my honest opinion and experience with this bag. Since it’s purchase I have had a lot of compliments on it which is always nice and I can get a lot of stuff in it, we’re talking two folders, three pukka pads, a water bottle, pencil case and lunch if you know what I mean. However, after two years of use I find myself wanting to use this bag a lot more sparingly. I find it incredibly uncomfortable if I’m holding anything weighty in it at all because the straps are quite thin and so it makes your back and shoulders ache a lot which is not good if you’re out all day. The straps are very difficult to adjust and the buckles on them will mark the leather if they’ve been in one position for a long time. I found myself not using the front pocket very much as it’s really quite small and not very accessible especially if the bag is heavy because you’ve got to take it off and get down on the floor to access it. I also have issues with the way the bag closes, (I know you’re probably thinking what don’t I have an issue with). The handles are secured by two press studs at the top which are easy to use and I actually like that feature however the lid of the bag will not stay shut unless attached to the front handle by two small studs (see below) and these are categorically a design flaw.

image1 (2)

They tend to pop open a lot when you’re walking leaving the top of the bag quite loose which may leave some people feeling quite vulnerable to theft in busy places and more worryingly when wearing the bag you very often cannot tell when the lid has come out of place. This feature I’ve found makes the bag quite faffy and so it can take you a good few minutes just to close the blooming thing.

Another aspect I think buyers should consider with this bag which you wouldn’t necessarily think of is the amount of dust and grime that accumulates on the shelf of the front pocket (gross photo below!). I mean obviously you can clean it regularly just by giving it a wipe or whatever but some nasty stuff will always remain and manage to get in there giving your bag not the nicest look. It’s also worth noting that when it rains and the water dries on the bag it does leave temporary marks on the leather which will disappear over the course of the day but that is just so no buyers start panicking that the water marks will be permanent like I did the first time it happened.


And my final horror story to tell when it comes to this rather large leather product is the time when one of the straps broke. Yes you heard that correctly. I went to pick up my bag one day and the strap broke off from where it attaches to the top of the bag. I did take it into my local Doc shop who were rather uninterested with my mishap and could do nothing for me because I no longer had the receipt which in all fairness is my fault but I honestly never thought I would be faced with that kind of situation. I did get it fixed at Timpson’s and it’s been fine ever since but I just want anyone thinking of shelling out £160 on this thing to know that it is not invincible.

All in all folks I personally, would have to advise against buying this bag mainly because of the back pain it does cause and while owning it has certainly been an experience and I have loved this bag, if you don’t have money to waste and you value your comfort go for something half the price with thick padded straps!

Would love to hear your thoughts on this one so do leave a comment letting me know what you think or what your experience has been if you have one of these bags. Or get in touch over on my Instagram: @interstellarem

Thanks always,

Em x

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