Review: Gymshark Ombre Set

So it’s officially summer, exams are over and I have been dieing to hit the gym and get in some kind of shape for Uni in September. Part of this process for me was purchasing my first ever Gymshark set. I was poised and ready on the day of the restock and I got what I wanted which is the Ombre set fading from a dark grey marl to a light grey. I chose the grey set because it looked great on all the Gymshark athletes I’d seen wearing it and I thought the coral or the teal sets were a bit brave for me at the minute. I wanted something that wouldn’t draw any kind of attention to myself so I could get back into going to the gym pretty comfortably. And, well it’s fair to say I have literally been living in this set ever since.

They wash amazingly and dry quickly which is perfect if you’re washing them pretty much everyday like me. The sports bra is unlike any sports bra I’ve ever worn before, I adore it. It’s super stretchy so is super easy to take on and off and you don’t feel like you have back fat popping out here there and everywhere. This thing is also definitely supportive and while I can’t speak for the girls out there who are a lot bigger up top than me, for me I feel completely comfortable doing intensive cardio in this so like jump squats and sprints. I also really really like the fact that the bra is padded because it’s still super comfy and just gives you that extra bit of confidence. I got mine in a size small and having used it for around a month now I would say that in this set I could have gone for the extra small and fit it comfortably and it would have given me that but extra support simply because the straps are super stretchy.

Now onto the leggings, which fit like a glove. They are the perfect length on me as someone who is 5″5. They are a bit of a squeeze to get on but it’s not too much of a struggle. I’m completely comfy to squat in these and I love how high waisted they are. The top will roll down or crinkle when I’m doing exercises sat down on a bench typically but the height is perfect for leg day because you’re not constantly having to pull your leggings up unlike some previous leggings I’ve owned. Again I got mine in a size small which are perfect for me. I would wear these on leg days or cardio days at the gym because they don’t show sweat marks (or they show very minimally) and those do days are the days I know I’m going to be sweating the most.

Overall, my review for this set is resoundingly positive and i’m already saving up for my next Gymshark set! While they are pretty pricey, if you’re going to use them as much as I do then they’re definitely worth it and I would highly recommend them. The other piece I would have bought with this set if I could have afforded to would have been the matching ombre long sleeve top which would have been great to wear on the walk home from the gym especially in the summer when I don’t really want to throw on a hoodie but I also don’t own any tank tops either.. Plus a full three piece set is just goals right?

Thanks always,

Em x

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