Re-branding, where I’m heading with this blog and why I’m still doing it.

I feel like I’ve been doing blogging on and off on the side for a while now and it’s come to the point where I need to decide whether to continue or not and what I’m really going to focus on so that I can create the best content for people to read. After initially experimenting with different types of posts such as monthly favourites I’ve kind of decided that I don’t just want to follow the crowd and create throwaway posts that I’ve written just to meet a deadline. I want to make a website that is full of useful and inspiring content for it’s readers and the way for me to do this is to I guess take my blog a little more seriously and set myself deadlines and plan my content a bit more so that the people that read what I write really want to read it.

So I guess my plan is to wipe the slate clean. I’m going to be sticking with this theme from now on just because I feel it’s a tad more modern and a tad more me but my header images will be changing as soon as I’e come up with a design for it and get it photographed. I’ll hopefully be posting a lot more frequently on Instagram including making use of IGTV so hopefully there will be some more inciteful stuff on their for you guys too. And I’m also going to be saving up for a really decent camera so I can take the photos I want to take and create the brand that’s in my head. I’m going to give myself the initial target of one blog post a week just so that I can make sure it really is a quality piece of content for you but I will be hopefully posting stuff on Instagram and IGTV as extra little bits so that I’m not just creating one thing a week.

My two main areas of focus that I’m going to be creating content on are fitness and fashion because I feel like they are my two biggest passions and I guess the reason why I’m continuing this blog is because I genuinely love writing and creating it. It keeps me busy and it’s such a great feeling when others tell me they enjoy reading what I write. I am a very creative person with a business like mind and so I guess I want to treat this hobby a bit more like a part time job and just see where I end up. Possibly nowhere but who knows!

Thanks always, Em

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  1. Soo Min says:

    Healthy tips. Nice.


      1. Soo Min says:

        Welcome dear 🙂 . Keep connect with me.


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