Bodysuits – My Easy Summer Staple

So, this week I thought I’d write a little fashion piece on bodysuits and why I’ve been investing in them recently. They’re a piece that some will love and others will hate and they’re most certainly favoured by the younger market. Despite their impracticalities such as making it necessary for us to be butt naked in toilet cubicles I’m here to tell you to stock up and discover just how handy they actually are.

Bodysuits are perfect for summer. They’re great to wear under your old favourite denim shorts providing an effortless tucked in tee look only the tee isn’t going to budge, it’s going to stay perfectly in place all day. They’re a vest but better and they’re also an underlying make-do swimsuit for those impromptu holiday moments when you just need to jump in the pool. They also make great loungewear for a hot summers evening on the sofa, so you can sprawl without limitations and with maximum leg room.

I picked up a couple of different styles from boohoo which are ridiculously soft and comfy and with a few different necklines which I love. The first is this soft scooped neckline which I bought in black and white as they can be worn with literally any colour trouser or short guaranteeing I’ll wear them over and over again.

image1 (2)

I also picked up this taupe coloured one with a square neckline which reminds me of Rumi Neely’s brand Are You Am I (click the links for some serious inspo) as the brand is very effortless and simplistic with square necklines featuring in her own necklines. I think this gives the product a ore minimalist and modern feel too it which I love although I personally find it slightly less comfortable to wear compared to the other two.

A bodysuit trend has also recently surfaced where lacey bodysuits that give off a more lingerie vibe have started being worn with jeans as another top option and I’m all for it. I think when paired with the perfect trousers or jeans and a chunky black belt a lace bodysuit can give a really classy and chic feel to a look and I think it’s a particularly great option for a night out. Especially if you’re wanting to make an effort while remaining more casual and in your comfort zone by pairing it with your most comfortable mom jeans.

Comment below if you’re a fan of the bodysuit or the underwear as outerwear trend, but for this week that’s it from me!

Thanks always, Em x,

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  1. I have never tried bodysuit. Will give it a try in the future.
    Welcome to my site for a visit:-)

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